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The Wedgwood Family History project has had a web presence since 1996. The old site, hosted from 1996-2009 by Geocities has had to be closed due to the cessation of free website provision by their parent company Yahoo!

This new site is part of a package of genealogical resources, which will, when migration is complete, incorporate both genealogical and biographical data. The matrix below will be expanded as content is added.

Questions and comments welcome - webmaster AT thepounds DOT org

Wedgwood Genealogical Database

Philip Richards' database, correcting and augmenting published histories and genealogies.

Wedg(e)wood Genealogical Discussion List

Join the Genealogy Discussion List and browse or search the archive.

Wedgwood Family History Blog


Web-Log detailing Wedgwood related news, new research and answers to queries received.

Biographical Collection

Relatives of note.

Allied Families

Coming Soon

Detailing links to the Darwin family and others. Includes pre-1600 links to various notable Staffordshire and Cheshire families such as the Bowyers, Breretons, and Egertons, including descent from King Henry I and Hugh de Morville, one of the murderers of Thomas Beckett.

Josiah Wedgwood & Sons


The award-winningWedgwood Museum is run by an independent trust. A New museum experience (including expanded public exhibition and access to the huge Wedgwood archive including papers relating to the family dating from the middle ages) was opened at the end of 2009. It is an excellent museum and very much deserves of our support.

Save the Wedgwood Museum Campaign

The Wedgwood Museum is at risk of forced sale and dispersal to meet pension liabilities associated with the collapse of Waterford Wedgwood. The Museum is a not-for-profit Charitable Trust, support the campaign to save it for the nation.


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John Wedgwood Pound BA (Hons) MA (Dunelm) unless specifically indicated otherwise.

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